iPad 3 Announcement First Week of March?

This should probably not come as a major surprise, but the Wall Street Journal’s tech blog, All Things D, reports that the 3rd generation Apple iPad is to be announced at a keynote in the first week of March. This would not be unexpected as the previous two generations of iPads were announced around the same time frame, and the iPad is due for a refresh. In fact, the iPad 2 was announced by Steve Jobs around this time last year, in a surprise return from his medical leave to give what would turn out to be his final Apple keynote.

The iPad 3 is expected to boast a higher resolution Retina Display, a better graphics processor and the all-new quad core Apple A6 processor. Experts also speculate that the new iPad might also have high-speed LTE functionality and the iPhone 4S voice-powered personal assistant, Siri. Some say there might even be a smaller sized iPad coming (Though given Jobs’ thoughts on the issue, I find this doubtful).

Whatever it is, we’ll know the veracity of these claims in a couple of weeks, as Apple typically sends out invites to its events 2 weeks in advance.

What do you hope for in the upcoming iPad?  Do you plan to get it? Drop a comment and let us know.

Dunni Abiodun

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