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Parallel Access used to be just an app that allowed users access their PC or Mac from an iPad, but all that has changed as the creators have taken the service up a notch and made it available for Android and iPhone users. Parallel Access helps you control apps or programs stored on your desktop  from your mobile device seamlessly. The new version for Android and iOS comes with a new feature that lets you create a shortcut to access the apps on your remote desktop from your mobile home screen forRead More
Instagram’s recent update comes with  new editing features that should make uploading photos even more exciting. This recent version allows users to adjust picture brightness, contrast, saturation and more by selecting filter and then clicking on the new wrench shaped icon which allows you to start editing. You can head to the App store or Google Play store to get the update. feel free to drop your thoughts on the update in the comment section. Source: InstagramRead More

Posted On June 3, 2014By seyiIn Design, Mobile, Top Stories

Quick Preview of iOS 8 Features

At the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) event yesterday, Apple unveiled its new mobile OS,  iOS 8. The OS comes with a host of new features and additional improvement to the former. Here’s a quick look at some of the iOS 8 features   iCloud Drive The iCloud Drive app allows users to synchronize app files across all their devices. its kind of like the DropBox.   QuickType Keyboard The new keyboard helps users to accurately predict what their next word might be.  iOS 8 also gives room for the useRead More

Posted On February 15, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Mobile, Uncategorized

Threes Is The Addictive Puzzle Game For iOS That You’ve Never Heard Of

Threes is a little game you never heard of because Flappy Bird took over the world in the same week that Threes launched. It was created by Asher Vollmer and it’s only on iOS.  If you enjoy matching puzzle games like Candy Crush, then Threes should make you feel right at home. It’s formula is east to learn but difficult to master.  In Threes users must match up tiles to form larger numbers. 1 and 2 tiles go together to form a 3. Once you hit three you can only pair a number withRead More

Posted On February 9, 2014By Victor NnejiIn Gaming, Mobile, Top Stories

Popular Flappy Bird App Taken Down by Creator

Just at the peak of the hype with the app becoming top app on iOS and Android App stores and with millions of people addicted to tapping their screen and keep the bird flying to its unknown destination, the creator of Flappy Bird has promised to remove the app from iOS and the Android app stores. SEE ALSO: These Flappy Bird High Scores Are Unreal This news came in a few days after blog sites all over the world reported that Flappy Birds huge success was bringing in $50,000 in adRead More
  Twitter updated their mobile apps for Android and iOS with a few new stuff. The layout got a complete makeover, but the most notable update has to be letting users share photos via direct messages. Other features include adding users to favourites so you can get push notifications anytime they tweet. This could be done by turning notifications on from certain users, but they just made it a more prominent feature. I’m not a fan of the abrupt design overhaul, it looks nice but it’s gonna take a lotRead More

Posted On September 22, 2013By Faridah Demola-SerikiIn Mobile

BlackBerry Wants To Perfect BBM for Android and iOS; Postpones Release

Womp womp! After getting us all excited for the release of BBM for iPhone and Android this weekend, BlackBerry decided to push the release of its native apps for both platforms to a yet-to-be-announced date. The Android app leaked on Friday and already got over 1.1 million users in the first 8 hours. Thus, because of this leak there are some apparent “issues” they are attempting to fix, so BlackBerry is pausing the global roll-out of BBM for Android and disabling the leak going around. For now, they have released BBM forRead More
BlackBerry, in its latest blog post, announced that its mobile messaging app, BBM, which has been highly anticipated by iOS and Android users, will now be available to the world from Saturday, 21st of September for Android users and Sunday, 22nd of September. for iOS users The App which was exclusive only to BlackBerry devices will now be available for free to Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0) and Jelly Bean(Android 4.2) or iOS devices running iOS 6 and iOS 7. The very popular messaging app which is even about toRead More

Posted On September 18, 2013By Paul OgunlowoIn Design, Gadgets, Mobile, Top Stories

Get ready for iOS 7 [UPDATE] It’s Available

Today, –drumroll please– the biggest change to iOS since the first iPhone (yes, it’s really that big) will be released to the public in the form of iOS 7. iOS 7 has been highly anticipated since it was announced in June at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It has gotten a lot of mixed reactions from people; some saying that it’s the best thing they have ever seen while others say it looks plain horrible, however this is expected with such a huge change to an operating system that soRead More

Posted On September 3, 2013By BinjoIn Mobile, Top Stories

First Look At BBM For Android [VIDEO]

BlackBerryOS.com has released an unofficial video of BlackBerry Messenger for Android. The app looks exactly like its BlackBerry 10 sibling and works in the same way. The menu interface and layout are however, different from that of regular Android apps. BlackBerry announced that BBM for Android and iOS would be released by the end of the summer and it is currently in a beta testing phase. That date is very close. Here’s the video demo-ing BBM for Android. Tell us what you think in the comments! Source: The Verge viaRead More