Gidilounge Debuts Radio App For iOS and BlackBerry Devices

Finally, Gidilounge has an app! The music and lifestyle website released the app for their radio’s first anniversary on October 1st. The app basically streams the online radio station but having it lets you have easier access to it.

Prior to this, you had to listen to the stream from their mobile site which proved inconvenient for some listeners.

The app is around a really simple design. It’s basically just the radio stream, a separate page for the schedule, volume control and a permanent place for a Google ad. Though I’ve experienced a seamless listening experience with the app, there have been complaints from some* users that it crashes while loading. Hopefully they can look into that. All in all it’s a great app and good for the frequent listener and those who just want access to great entertainment on-the-go. You can download it for your iOS device from the App Store or for your Blackberry here.



Faridah D. Seriki

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  1. @gidilounge says:

    Great article. We appreciate the love and support from Technesstivity. We are aware of the problem and promise a fix. We are unable to give an estimated time for a fix.

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