October 16 Named Steve Jobs Day In The State Of California

The US State Of California has chosen the 16th of October to remember Steve Jobs. In a tweet, Governor Jerry Brown said “This Sunday will be Steve Jobs Day in the State of California.” Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs died last week and has since been buried at a private funeral.

Jerry Brown’s memorial isn’t the only Steve Jobs memorial we’ve seen in the past week and it isn’t the last we’ll see either. There’s the Discovery Channel documentary titled “iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed The World” hosted by the Mythbusters also premiering on the 16th. There’s also the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs (Amazon affiliate link) out on the 24th and a special TIME magazine edition of Steve Jobs is already out in stores.

We’ve also received reports that Sony Pictures has bought the rights to Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography to make a movie out of the book. Sony was behind the movie The Social Network.

October 16th is also the day Apple plans a Steve Jobs memorial at Stanford University where he gave his famous commencement speech in 2005.


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