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Posted On December 31, 2011By BinjoIn Design, Top Stories

Google Welcomes You Into 2012 With A Doodle

It’s already January 1, 2012 in about half of the world. It’s 12.30 AM here in Lagos, Nigeria as I draft this. The logo on the Google(of course) homepage has been tweaked to celebrate the New Year worldwide. Today’s Google Doodle the Google Logo in its usual colours but in a different font. The G has ‘Hello’ in different languages behind it. Other letters are playing music, reading a book, levitating and the ‘e’ is mopping. There’s also a calendar behind the ‘e’ marking the first day of 2012. SoRead More

Posted On December 31, 2011By Dunni AbiodunIn Business, Design

Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive Awarded a Knighthood

Apple’s SVP of Design, Johnathan ‘Jony’ Ive now has another feather in his cap as he has been granted a knighthood in the United Kingdom where his is originally from. This is according to a BBC report regarding the UK’s new years’ honours list. Ive, who is credited with the design of the iPod, iPhone , iPad, Macbook Air and a number of Apple’s other beautifully designed products, says he is absolutely thrilled by the honor. His official title, according to the report, is  Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE). Jony Ive took over leadershipRead More
smartphone wars
With a number of Lagos’ population embedding themselves in their BlackBerries while driving, this question will definitely have popped up in your head. No, I won’t be talking about the number of nerds spending all night on laptops :P. Apparently Cell phone radiation is one of the reasons a lot of my friends have problems with their sleep patterns. This Infographic lists the different ways devices affect our health and how we can prevent them. Source: Alltop viaMezzmerRead More
The Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has shutdown iPNX and Galaxy Wireless and confiscated their transmitting facilities for illegally using the unclicensed 5.4GHz frequency band. Intercontinetal Bank’s transmitting equipment have also been confiscated for illegally using the frequency band. The NCC had earlier warned ISPs and other companies illegally using the 5.4 GHz frequency to discontinue their use or face consequences. Leadership reports that the NCC’s enforcement team sealed off the transmitting rooms of an Intercontinental Bank branch in Abuja and a branch of iPNX. The NCC’s Head of Media and PublicRead More

Posted On December 29, 2011By BinjoIn Media, Social Media

10 Most Viewed YouTube Ads of 2011[VIDEOS]

YouTube had earlier released a list of the Top 10 Most Watched Videos of 2011. Topping most watched commercials in 2011[excluding Trailers and music videos], is Volkswagen’s The Force. Apple’s first ad introducing Siri also makes the cut as well as Samsung’s Unleash Your Fingers for the Galaxy S II. Majority of ads on the list never appeared on TV as expected. T-Mobile’s Royal Wedding, is a spoof of the JK Wedding Dance and was intended to amuse people and be shared. Short movies like DC Shoe’s Gymkhana Four, stunts likeRead More

Posted On December 28, 2011By BinjoIn Music

Spinlet Signs More Artists To Its Service

Music streaming and download service Spinlet, has announced the signing of non-exclusive agreements with more artists and record labels. The agreement puts Spinlet back in the music streaming game and will help artists distribute and sell music on its platform when it finally launches. Some of the artists and record labels are Alapomeji Records (9ice), Chocolate City (Brymo, M.I, Jesse Jags, Ice Prince), Hypertek (2Face Idibia), Game Time (Lineo), Funky Money Ent (Konga), Syndik8 Records (Lynxx, E Jay, Ikon), Flytime (Tiwa Savage, P Square – Invasion Album), Too Much MusicRead More

Posted On December 28, 2011By Solape DinaIn Business, Top Stories

RIM Faces Lawsuit Over BBM

 BBM Canada, a group that provides consumer analytics and intelligence to broadcasters and has been using the “BBM” name since 1944, is in the midst of an ongoing lawsuit with RIM over the name that began way back in August, 2010. BBM Canada’s CEO Jim McLeod told The Globe and Mail that his group attempted to negotiate with RIM — going so far as to offer to rebrand itself at RIM’s expense — but was rebuffed. McLeod’s next move was apparently to go public with the case in the run up toRead More
Did you have an Appy Christmas? Research form Flurry has estimated the number of apps downloaded on Christmas Day and also the number of Android and iOS devices activated that day. In total, 6.8 Million Android and iOS devices were activated on Christmas day compared with an average of 1.5 million activations over the first 20 days of December. When compared to Christmas of 2010, where the number of activations on Christmas day stood at 2.8 Million, that’s a rise of about 41.17%. Flurry didn’t split the numbers between AndroidRead More
Noah Kravitz  on Twitter
Blogger Noah Kravitz is being sued by his former employer PhoneDog for 17,000 Twitter followers. PhoneDog says his Twitter followers are a customer list and are seeking damages of $2.50 per follower. Leading to a total of $340,000. Noah Kravitz left mobile phone site PhoneDog.com in 2010 and had been writing under the Twitter username @PhoneDog_Noah. When he left PhoneDog said he could keep the followers he had amassed while working at the company. Kravitz told New York Times the company asked him to “tweet on their behalf from timeRead More

Posted On December 27, 2011By BinjoIn Gadgets

Checkout This 5MB Hard Drive From 1956[PHOTO]

We’ll start this post with how a Terabyte hard drive looks today. Just so things are in proper perspective. *Drumroll*. Now In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first ‘SUPER’ computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored a ‘whopping’ 5 MB of data and here is it! Imagine we still used these 5MB hard drives from IBM in 2011. It takes 1,024 MB to make 1 Gigabyte. Then another 1024GB to make 1 Terabyte. Do the math and tell usRead More