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REPORT: iPhone 6 Photos Surface

Calling all Apple Fanboys! According to TMZ (yes, TMZ), these are photos of Apple’s iPhone 6 expected to be unveiled September 9th.

TMZ obtained the photos from someone whose friend — an ex-employee, worked in Foxconn’s hardware department in China designing the outer casing for the new model.

If these are indeed the photos of the new iPhone, you’ll notice it’s bigger and looks more like the 5” displays common these days. It also seems to be running iOS 7, which is apparently for security purposes at the factory. Apple unveiled iOS 8 a couple of months ago and said it would be released in the Fall.

What do you guys think? See photos below.

UPDATE: 9to5Mac has in fact analysed TMZ’s photos and can authoritatively state that it is a fake. The phone is an Android knock off of an early iPhone model. It’s calendar also doesn’t dynamically update to display the date. Thirdly, the ‘OS’ on this phone is similar to iOS 7 and not iOS 8. You can read more about this on Gizmodo

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