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Apple Rumoured To Release The iPad 3 and 4 In 2012


According to Digi Times, Apple is expected to release the iPad 3 which will come with Retina Display and longer battery life this coming March. Thereafter the iPad 4 will be released in October with ‘killer applications’, much upgraded hardware specs and integrated apps. The iPad 4 is said to also feature a 9.7 inch display.

Other sources suggest that the iPad 4 is an early prototype of Apple’s 2013 iPad model and that Apple plans to release the iPad 3 in March and continue to produce the iPad 2 and just one model of the iPad 1. Apple reportedly has plans to reduce the cost of the iPad 2 to $399 for the least model when the iPad 3 is released.

These are just mere claims as Apple might decide to release these products at much later dates just like the iPhone 4S. All we can say is keep your fingers crossed! We’ll keep you up to date!

Source: BGR

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