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Airtel Nigeria has unveiled new bundles for Android users on its network. The bundles make Airtel the cheapest network for using your data guzzling Android device. There are 2 bundle options and they last 30 days: 2GB for N2000 and 4.5GB for N3500. Here’s how to activate it To activate the 2GB Android bundle @ N2000 for 30days, dial *437# To activate the 4.5GB Android bundle @ N3500 for 30days, dial *438# To check your Android data balance, simply dial *223# However, it’s important you know that at night(between 10pm andRead More
Parallel Access used to be just an app that allowed users access their PC or Mac from an iPad, but all that has changed as the creators have taken the service up a notch and made it available for Android and iPhone users. Parallel Access helps you control apps or programs stored on your desktop  from your mobile device seamlessly. The new version for Android and iOS comes with a new feature that lets you create a shortcut to access the apps on your remote desktop from your mobile home screen forRead More
Instagram’s recent update comes with  new editing features that should make uploading photos even more exciting. This recent version allows users to adjust picture brightness, contrast, saturation and more by selecting filter and then clicking on the new wrench shaped icon which allows you to start editing. You can head to the App store or Google Play store to get the update. feel free to drop your thoughts on the update in the comment section. Source: InstagramRead More

Posted On April 6, 2014By Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)In Gaming, Social Media, Uncategorized

Table Soccer For Android: The Nostalgia Trip

I may not need to remind anyone about a little game we played when we were younger, that involved two goalposts made of paper, a little ball made of paper and a lot of bottle caps or in some cases more paper. If you never knew that you’ll know how the game is played in a second. Table Soccer is a game by ChopUP Games developed using the Unity Game Engine, it’s a somewhat fresh take of the classic “Table Soccer” game. In Table Soccer players select from 3 free bottleRead More
Stumbled on Fleksy last night while I was going through Google’s Play Store. It seemed great so I downloaded it. During my download, Play Store recommended Minuum so I tried that too. FLEKSY KEYBOARD Fleksy wants you to type on your phone without looking at the keyboard. It claims to have patent pending technology that makes typing on any device fast. Fleksy has a really simple interface. It’s primary keyboard is the Qwerty keyboard and a row of shift, the number keyboard, space, backspace and enter at the bottom. Fleksy’sRead More

Posted On February 25, 2014By Paul OgunlowoIn Business, Gadgets, Mobile, Top Stories

Samsung Unveils The Galaxy S5 [SPECS]

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 dubbed  ‘The Next Big Thing’ at their Samsung Unpacked Event at Mobile World Congress yesterday. The Galaxy S5 is the successor of the Galaxy S4 and it improves upon its predecessor in almost every aspect. The Galaxy S5, much like its predecessor, will launch with a 5.1 inch, 1080p display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, just .1 inches bigger than the S4. It also comes packed with a 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. Internal memory options areRead More
At Mobile World Congress last night, Nokia announced a lineup of its Android phones. The phones are the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. The three phones are manufactured by Nokia but run a forked Android version called “Nokia X”. Nokia has built its own services and interface on Google’s Android and the OS has no ties to Google. It reminds us of the Android version on Amazon’s Kindle Fire range. We’ll go into specs, features, photos and videos of the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Nokia X+Read More

Posted On February 9, 2014By Victor NnejiIn Gaming, Mobile, Top Stories

Popular Flappy Bird App Taken Down by Creator

Just at the peak of the hype with the app becoming top app on iOS and Android App stores and with millions of people addicted to tapping their screen and keep the bird flying to its unknown destination, the creator of Flappy Bird has promised to remove the app from iOS and the Android app stores. SEE ALSO: These Flappy Bird High Scores Are Unreal This news came in a few days after blog sites all over the world reported that Flappy Birds huge success was bringing in $50,000 in adRead More
I had Samsung’s 2014 edition of its Galaxy Note 10.1 for about two days this week. Here are a few thoughts after using it. Too Large 10.1-inches is a bit too wide for a device that’s mean to be mobile. It’s really light so your hands won’t feel it but typing is a bit stressful because you’ll have to move your fingers from one end of the device to the other. Constantly. Handwriting Recognition! When your wrists hurt after moving your fingers around so much, you can use the NoteRead More
Polaroid has announced the Socialmatic at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The camera gives users the ability to print instant photos and share them to social networks they wish. The Socialmatic has a built-in Zero Ink printer that prints out a 2×3 inch full colour sticker photo in less than a minute – you don’t even need to shake the paper. Each Socialmatic also has a unique QR code – which users can scan and move to other devices or print out. On the digital front, theRead More