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Gidilounge iOS App Review

Gidilounge – the popular Nigerian music player, has been largely enjoyed on the web and for some time on Android now. Gidilounge has now widened their reach to include iPhone users with their recently launched Gidilounge iOS app. We at Technesstivity decided to give you a review of the app.

The Gidilounge app is free on the Apple App Store, it is not a large application, so it downloads fairly quickly and installs on the iPhone. When you launch the application, you are presented with a login page in which you can login with your existing credentials or login using Facebook – however, the Facebook option does not seem to be functional at the moment. The option to sign up as a new user is also available. A drawback of the login page is that when entering your password, it is displayed in plain text which does not seem very safe, but I assume this was done with ease for the user in mind.

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After logging in to the app, a page titled ‘Global’ is displayed with three categories, ‘Trending’, ‘Weekly Top 10′ and ‘Indie’. You can select any of these categories and listen to songs from them. Once you tap on a song, you get the options to ‘Play’, ‘Star’, ‘Add to Playlist’, ‘Share on Facebook’ and ‘Share on Twitter’ which are all denoted by icons.

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There is also a left navigation bar that allows you switch between different Gplayer settings or switch to the Radio feature, and a Social option to select from. In the left navigation bar, you can also search for songs, playlists or users using the Search feature. The app also has a notification that comes up every few days when there is a new song release

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My overall experience with the app was not so good. I feel like there are a lot of issues that need to be ironed out. Some examples being the aforementioned Facebook login issue, when listening to tracks in the Gplayer, they cannot be fast forwarded or rewound, the ‘Settings’ icon in the left side navigation bar does not work and a few other minor issues. Other than that, it does a good job at playing music and helping you discover new Nigerian music

In conclusion, I believe this app would most likely be a great addition for already existing Gidilounge users. However, I think that because of the drawbacks the app currently has, it would not excel too well at swaying new users its way.

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  • Sayo

    Your just a hater, which app has been created before? or is better right now, Its a groundbreaking invention for africa and all you can do is mention easily fixable bugs. please delete this post or better yet this blog. thanks

    • EricaG

      One word…Spotify.

      • bennybing

        Spotify doesnt cover Nigerian and African music like we do. @Sayo is right to a certain extend, there isnt any other ground breaking app from Africa for African music. All the bugs will be solved with our next update.

        • Ofili


          • bennybing

            Spinlet doesnt have anything close to our catalogue or an iOS app. That right there is a huge difference between us. You should download the app and see for yourself.

          • Alex Oladejo

            Spinlet needs an active internet connection to stream the music you already purchased.
            Is the Gidilounge cross-platform? does it always require and active internet subscription to function?

    • upnepa

      Iroking, Spinlet, Deezer. Hell Path even.

  • bennybing

    I appreciate the honest and open review of our app. All the bugs you mentioned are being fixed and an update will be available in the coming month.

  • bennybing

    iOS app has been updated. The login bug as well as some other minor bugs have been fixed.

    • Faridah

      Awesome! We’ll update!