Gidilounge Unveils All New gPlayer


October 10th was a big day for Gidilounge as it unveiled to the public, big updates of some of its services.

The Company’s CEO, Olumide Adewumi started off the event with the presentation of the company’s redesigned website followed by the all new gPlayer 2.0.

The new site features an all new design and layout, the site automatically resizes to fit you browser window allowing it to still look and work good on mobile devices and it implements a technology called ‘cloud form integration’ which is a feature that allows the site to be rendered to users depending on their location and this will reduce lagging.

The gPlayer which is the new name given to the former ‘Gidilounge music player’ features a total overhaul of the player. With its new clean design the player has all of the basic features other music players like iTunes have which are for example; Play, pause, shuffle, playlist etc. According to the CEO, the former music player took 1.2seconds to load compared to gPlayer which takes 821miliseconds to load.

The new player also has a feature called lounges where users can listen to specific collections of music suiting their mood like the Azonto lounge which lets users listen to all sorts of Azonto music and Study flow for users who want to listen to music while they study. This feature works with a complex algorithm, which acts much like what is behind the shuffle feature that randomizes the songs so that each time you visit the lounge, your experience will be different.

The new Player will be very portable and will be able to be embedded on any site which also makes it mobile compatible.

Gidilounge says that it will give verified content creators (artistes and DJs) verified accounts for free to be able to manage their content themselves.

You can try out the gPlayer 2.0 Right now at  for Mobile and  for the Desktop version.

If you missed the live broadcast you can watch it here.

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