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Google Ventures launches in London with $100 million

Google Ventures logoGoogle Ventures, the venture capital arm of Google has announced its expansion into London. The firm which
was launched in 2009 in order to expose Google to some of the technology world’s hottest startups.

The fund will have an initial funding of $100 million with the aim of investing in European startups that criss-cross
Western Europe – London, Paris, Berlin and the Nordics. The fund will have 4 general partners with Eze Vidra,
Google Campus’ manager in London leading the pack. He will be supported by  Tom Hulme, a serial
entrepreneur, Peter Read, a British angel investor and Avid Larizadeh, the head of the UK arm of
according to the Financial Times.

Prior to the European expansion, Google Ventures has over 250 investments in its portfolio which include
Uber, Nest (acquired by Google) & TuneIn, the Internet radio service. Most of its investments have been in
the United States and has rarely ventured abroad. It joins the growing list of Silicon Valley venture firms looking
outside the United States for potential investment.

Source: Google Ventures; Google Blog.
Photo: Google Ventures/ G+ based on a creative commons licence

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