Google Integrates Reading the News with Badges

Turns out you can get people to do almost anything online by making it a game. This technique has worked for Foursquare, Twitter, Yelp and Google has joined the bandwagon. Google announced on its official blog that it’ll begin rewarding avid news readers with badges. These badges are based on the user’s interests, so if you’re keen on technology you’ll get a technology badge, if you read more basketball stuff you’ll get a basketball badge and so on. These badges also help you personalise your news sections, bringing you content based on what topics you read the most

Google has over 500 badges to reward users with as long as they navigate the news via Google News with a signed in account and they have ‘web history’ enabled. Google also allows users add custom sections via the ‘add section’ button when users hover a badge. Badges can also be shared with friends via your google profile so you can tell them what you’ve been up to. This video explains how it works:

Yeah. So where’s my Technology Badge?

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