Gmail get’s redesigned: Preview + How to Get it

We saw the launch of Google+ a couple of days back and one thing that’s noted is it’s design. It doesn’t seem like Google actually designed this. Sure there’s a lot of white space but there’s this sleekness they’ve added to it. The new theme for Gmail has the classic google white background and there’s a bit of grey at the top, A red ‘Compose Mail’ button, while the ‘Inbox’ and ‘Mail’ links are highlighted... Read More

Social Media: The Good

Social Media? Well, this refers to the use of technology as a medium for interaction. Yeah! Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, My Space. Whatever it is that rocks your boat all fall under that umbrella. These days, it’s rare to find people who don’t make use of Social Media. That’s probably the greatest testimony of how important it is to wider society. Ask anyone in Media, Business, Politics, Advertising and the numerous industries that rule our worlds and they’ll... Read More

Smartphone Showdown: Google Activates 500,000 Android Devices Daily

At Google I/O on May 10th, Android Boss Andy Rubin tweeted that Google was activating over 400,000 devices daily. Statistics show that Google activates about 500,000 android-based devices daily and this is growing at a rate of 4.4%. Do the math and you’ll end up with 1million in october. Android is currently the world’s biggest moblie OS. This is going to be a tough one for Apple as we look forward to seeing even more powerful devices with larger RAMs, better screen... Read More

The Right kind of Hacking

There has been so much hacking in the past few months, it has been almost impossible to keep track of them all but recently, there is one that has gained the right kind of publicity and can be somewhat referred to as The Right kind of Hacking. An unknown group has recently hacked into the infamous terrorist group: Al-Qaida’s network and has managed to shut down its ability to communicate its messages to the world through the Internet. The network is only expected to be crippled... Read More


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