Verizon Drops Unlimited Smartphone Data Plans

When I got my iPhone and switched to AT&T I can say I was the happiest person alive, until they told me I would only be able to get a data plan of 4GB per month. Safe to say, that ruined it for me. AT&T took that step in June 2010 and Verizon followed suit yesterday. The tiered data plans will start at $30/month for 2GB but this won’t affect existing customers who already have unlimited data plans. So if you’re already on the bandwagon, cherish your kilobytes! The... Read More

Apple App Store Reaches 15 Billion Downloads

Apple recently announced that the App Store has generated 15 billion downloads since its launch in July 2008. The App Store now offers more than 425,000 apps. 100,000 of which are created specifically for Apple’s tablet, the iPad. Apple has paid developers more than $2.5 billion to date. Given Apple’s 30/70 revenue split with app developers, that means Apple itself has netted more than $1 billion directly from app sales. In January 2010, the App Store surpassed 3 billion... Read More

One Million Viewers Watch Casey Anthony Verdict Announcement Online

The verdict in the State of Florida vs. Casey Anthony murder trial led to an outrage online amongst viewers. Content delivery network Akamai reports there was a spike in its Net Usage Index for News around the time of the verdict. As the verdict was announced, news site page-views jumped from about 2 million to nearly 3.3 million a minute — nearly all of that coming from the United States. CNN saw an online traffic spike as well. The network says that more than 1 million... Read More

iPad now accounts for 1% of World Internet Traffic

According to numbers from NetMarketShare, Apple’s iPad is now responsible for 1% of the world’s web traffic, and 2.1% of U.S web traffic. The iPad’s share of web traffic has been growing steadily since March this year by 10. The iPad has also reached 5% of the overall market share for mobile and tablet devices, when comparing it to desktops. With more than 14million iPads sold last year and 15million shipped for this year, it is way too early to call for the... Read More

FIFA Named Best Video Game Franchise

  The Fifa franchise has lived and endured for just under 18 years. Some dedicated fans may be familiar with the first ever FIFA title: FIFA international Soccer, which was released for PC, Genesis, Master System and Sega CD on the 15th of July 1993 (2 weeks after I was born!). Now it has been named the best video game series of all time, over the likes of Super Mario and Call of Duty. 1,862 gamers aged eighteen and over were interviewed about their attitudes to video games... Read More


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