Nigeria’s Fusion Media Launches Video Streaming Service In Beta

Fusion Media is the Nigerian company behind the YouTube mini-series ‘The O Twins’. Fusion has officially launched its video streaming website at The website is running on Beta and currently contains videos from their interview series ‘Tariere’ and videos from ‘The O Twins’. Fusion has also added videos from Wizkid’s album launch and the Music meets Runway event held last week. has till date, gotten over 60,000... Read More

3G iPod Touch In The Works? [RUMOR]

According to a report from, the iPod Touch  will get a data-only service when the next generation is released, which seems to be sometime later this year. If this falls into place, the iPod Touch’s newer version will not only let you enjoy your music and gaming experience but also other apps that require an Internet connection on the go like Skype; just like having an iPhone but without calling and texting abilities. Now this would kind of make the iPhone... Read More

Facebook launches ‘Facebook For Every Phone’ App

Facebook has launched a mobile app that can work on any phone due to increased competition from other mobile based social-networks like Twitter The app works on over 2,500 mobile phones and includes Facebook features like the news feed, inbox, and photos. It also enables you to upload photos and find friends from your phone’s contacts. Facebook has partnered with many carriers worldwide to make this app free for the next 90 days. Also, this app is less optimized than other... Read More

Google Doodle Marks 450th Anniversary Of St. Basil’s Cathedral

Today’s Google Doodle marks the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia. The Russian landmark, features nine multicolored onion-shaped domes and is located outside the Kremlin in Moscow’s Red Square. According to Search Engine Watch, Google operates in Russia, but for some odd reason, Google isn’t the number one choice there, as Russian search engine Yandex owns the spotlight. This year, Yandex’s IPO had the biggest any Internet company has... Read More

Google’s First eReader Device Hits Target Stores This Week

The iriver Story HD e-reader will be on sale starting from the 17th of July at Target stores in the US and on This is Google’s first e-Reader device integrated into the Google Books platform. The device will allow users buy and read Google eBooks over Wi-Fi. Starting at $139.99, the iriver Story HD is different from all other eReaders, it comes with a QWERTY Keyboard for easy searching and has a high-resolution e-ink screen. It’s the same price as Amazon’s... Read More

Spotify to team up with Facebook for U.S. Launch [REPORT]

United States technology consumers have been waiting for Spotify to launch for like… ever. The European music service has announced it’ll be launching in the U.S via its website. A collection of marketing materials that Spotify has been showing to advertisers have patrolling the blogosphere. Spotify hasn’t announced an exact date yet, but it is rumored that they’ll launch by the end of the month. According to All Things Digital, Spotify claims that at... Read More

WARNING: New Facebook Scam Pretends To Connect You to Video Calling

Last week, Facebook and Skype launched a video call tool for Facebook, we’re beginning to see scammers trick people into spamming all their friends with the claim of enabling the new video call feature. To avoid this scam, ignore all Wall posts telling you to Sign up for facebook’s video calling. Facebook isn’t distributing the service that way. If you’ve clicked the wall post, we suggest you report the link as spam, so facebook can deal with it soon. To... Read More


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