Google Integrates Reading the News with Badges

Turns out you can get people to do almost anything online by making it a game. This technique has worked for Foursquare, Twitter, Yelp and Google has joined the bandwagon. Google announced on its official blog that it’ll begin rewarding avid news readers with badges. These badges are based on the user’s interests, so if you’re keen on technology you’ll get a technology badge, if you read more basketball stuff you’ll get a basketball badge and so... Read More

Rebecca Black’s New Video ‘My Moment’ Is Here [VIDEO]

After over 150 million YouTube views and weeks of being the top trend on Twitter, Rebecca Black has released a new video for her single ‘My Moment’. The video tells the story of her rise to fame and how people doubted her. The video also includes clip from her life after ‘Friday‘. Watch the video and leave us a comment. I think it’s pretty good. Her label cashed in on her popularity with ‘Friday’, and they seem to have done it well. ... Read More

Social Hangouts: Video Chat with 20 Facebook Friends

One of Google+‘s killer features is the ‘Hangouts’ feature. It lets users chat with a lot of other users based on topics or friendships. A new Facebook app, Social Hangouts lets Facebook users access the video chat feature and add up to 20 of their friends in the hangout. We also saw the launch of ‘Circle Hack‘ last week, a Facebook app that lets users organise their lists easily. Facebook debuted its video chat feature 2 weeks ago in conjuction... Read More