Dear Netflix, What Is Wrong With You?

You may have noticed that Dear Netflix became a trending topic on Twitter yesterday, well this is because Netflix has decided to increase the price of renting a DVD. In a blog released yesterday, Jessie Becker, the VP of Marketing of Netflix, informed users of  the changes. The plans that allowed users to combine streaming and DVD rental is gone. Users were previously allowed to select the streaming plan for just $7.99 with an additional $2 to get the DVD rental package. Now... Read More

VirusBarrier: First Ever Anti-Virus For The iPhone And iPad

Mac OS X anti-malware maker Intego has developed the first-ever malware scanner for the iOS platform, even though the Mac and iOS platforms have managed to be fairly malware safe, except the occasional threat that pops up often, this new tool called VirusBarrier will scan places where malware is likely to be stored, such as email attachments, Dropbox folders and other places directly exposed to users within the OS. The tool doesn’t run in the background like the way other anti-malware... Read More

Google Updates Android Market

Google released a new layout for the Android Market app on Tuesday. The new design looks cleaner, finger-friendlier, and the addition of  Editor’s choice apps should make it easier than ever to get to the good stuff. The new and improved Android Market app will also contain Google Books, video and apps in one interface. The update is said to contain new lists, namely; “Top Grossing”, “Top new free” and “Trending”. Google had previously... Read More


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