Twitter For Assholes Vol. 2

“On March 11th, 2011, The world was introduced to friday. A “song” by 13 year old artist Rebecca Black, which addressed some of the deepest issues affecting teenagers of today; Deciding what seat to sit on in the car, the relationship between thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, and Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! It was a Ghastly, auto tuned attempt at music, getting creepy when a grown ass man started rapping about driving past school buses, But it was one of those... Read More

Is Microsoft Working on a Social Network? [PIC]

The social networking space becoming more and more intense.  An image has surfaced showing a product called “Tulalip”. It helps you “find what you need and share what you know easier than ever,” according to a screenshot of the image.  According to the page, users can sign in via Twitter or Facebook. According  to, the image was found on a Microsoft domain The site wasn’t in operation when the image was found.  As of the... Read More

PayPal Brings NFC Money Transfers to Android [VIDEO]

Ever wanted to send money to your friend via your phone? PayPal has showed off its new Android widget that let’s PayPal users transfer money to one another simply by tapping together their Nexus S phones. At the moment, the NFC transfer will only work with the Nexus S, because it’s the only Android phone with NFC capabilities. This is a big competition for Google Wallet as PayPal has taken advantage of Google’s free Android NFC SDK. As more Android phones are... Read More

Google+ hits 10 Million Users, Will it Continue to grow?

Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed earlier estimations that Google’s new Social Networking venture had reached 10 million users. Google+ Launched at the end of June, allowing only a handful of users into the service and then allowing them invite others to the service. Google also turned invites on and off as they pleased in the last few weeks[It's quite annoying]. They also blocked under 18 year olds from using the service. I’m still waiting for their explanation... Read More


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