Twitter For Assholes Vol. 2

“On March 11th, 2011, The world was introduced to friday. A “song” by 13 year old artist Rebecca Black, which addressed some of the deepest issues affecting teenagers of today; Deciding what seat to sit on in the car, the relationship between thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, and Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! It was a Ghastly, auto tuned attempt at music, getting creepy when a grown ass man started rapping about driving past school buses, But it was one of those catchy tunes that never quite leaves your head.

88 million viewers hated it. With just cause of course. It was an awful song, But at a point, some of the comments on the videos youtube page got me really disturbed. Some one wrote “Terrible singer, I hope you cut yourself and die” another “Hope you cut yourself and get skinny so you’ll become pretty”.. This was a 13 year old girl.

This post isn’t about Rebecca Black. God no. Its about a trend that’s been part and parcel of the internet since it became the phenomenon it has. Hate and spite being spewed from behind the comfort of online anonymity.

If you use the internet, you’d know that any site with a comments section, Or a twitter account  can be used to launch the most scathing attacks on a person, usually in the public eye, people sit and troll about how they Hate this or that person, whose job is to be creative, and they wish he would die and insult his person, or family. (Yes its wrong to wish someone would die. Even majela).

But we’re all used to this stuff. Its all a part of the internet. My problem is when People decide that their “asshole-ness” Can be transferred off line and into their real lives. Online, once you sign in your I.d, You become a Professor, connoisseur of Taste in music and fashion, Joke bisector, and an expert on pretty much Everything.  But when you actually start to believe you’re all that, There’s a problem. Today, Being rude is almost default behavior, People put others down just to look cool, and earn laughs, its all well and good on twitter, but when shit MEETS the fan at Rehab, therell be hell to pay.

One More thing. What’s with the tendency of the internet to Ruin everything? Someone tweets a joke, and its Sooooo funny you’re literally rolling on the floor laughing, Then someone retweets it, Then another, Then another, then someone steals It, and people retweet HIM, then someone steals it, and blackberry broadcasts it, then Another one steals it, posts it on facebook, tumblr, his joke blog, and There you have it. The life cycle of a funny joke. Approximately 6 hours.
Or a song. You make a wonderful song, someone makes a nice cover of it, and another, and another, Until we’re all sick of hearing about marvins Room…

Oh well.. Its the internet.”

  • Lekan

    Nice post. Certain that most of those peeps that post those hateful comments can't say it to those peeps face.


    Nice one

  • StephanieIj

    ….and Oleku..

    Oh well Its the internet."

  • Cardealexpert

    But the Internet has done great things that has almost change everyone's lifestyle, there is no denying it.