‘Twerking’, ‘Selfie’ and ‘Digital Detox’ Added To Oxford Dictionary


Oxford Dictionaries decided to add twerk, selfie and digital detox to their dictionary. Mind you, both twerking and selfie aren’t even recognized by a smartphone’s autocorrect, that’s how bad this is.

If you don’t know, twerking, in the simplest terms, means to your backside viciously. Selfies are self portraits taken with your camera, and digital detox is pretty much a detox from social media and other related internet addictions.

“The rapid-fire gyrations employed by U.S. pop starlet Miley Cyrus to bounce her way to the top of the charts had become increasingly visible in the past 12 months and would be added to its publications under the entry: “Twerk, verb.””  - Associated Press

Apparently Miley Cyrus “employed” the word. Can we please have a moment of silence for our generation?

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Source: Mercury News

Faridah Demola-Seriki

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