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Dropbox Launches Carousel For Photo Storage

CarouselFresh off its funding round and new investors, the red-hot online storage Dropbox has launched a new app named Carousel. Carousel is a photo-oriented app which makes it easy to store, save and share pictures with friends and family. Dropbox describes Carousel as:

a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life. It combines the photos in your Dropbox with the photos on your phone, and automatically backs up new ones as you take them. Carousel sorts all these memories by event so you can easily travel back in time to any photo from any date. And unlike other mobile galleries, the size of your Carousel isn’t constrained by the space on your phone, which means you can finally have your entire life’s memories in one place.

The service also allows users to save pictures sent via the app on the recipient’s Dropbox account.

It seems that Dropbox is subtly splitting the different features on Dropbox. This could help in demystifying the service and attracting a wider range of users and a more diverse use of the service other than backing up research articles.

Carousel is available on both Android and iOS.

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