From Zambia Comes FistDrive: Bump Your Phones To Share Files On Google Drive

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A few months ago, Google launched its cloud storage service, Google Drive – allowing users to upload files directly to the cloud from their devices. FistDrive is an application from Zambian developer, Daryl Lukas.

FistDrive allows you share files with other Google Drive users by bumping one device against another, and Daryl tapped into Bump’s API to achieve that. In order for files to be shared effectively, both users must have FistDrive and Google Drive installed and then accept the file transfer after your phone vibrates. Yes, you also have to be online to achieve that feat. Let’s not forget that FistDrive has to be open for the transfer to occur.

Daryl, 21, dropped out of medical school to focus on programming. He currently earns his income from freelancing and has been programming for about 5 years. His interest in computers dates back to 2001 and he learned Android development at a BongoHive training in December.

The app is currently available for only Android and Daryl says FistDrive will launch on iOS soon while he works on matching his algorithm with Google’s OpenID. He also plans to add Dropbox and SkyDrive integration to FistDrive.

You can download FistDrive here and install by allowing the installation of non-market apps in your settings.

FistDrive isnt on Google Play yet because it has been submitted to the Google Apps Challenge competition. Daryl is currently the manager of Google Developer Group Lusaka.

Go ahead and download FistDrive here and tell us what you think.


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