Linkserve Chairman Finally Admits ‘No Telecom Operator Or ISP Offers Real Broadband’ In Nigeria

This is what my beloved Starcomms calls 'Broadband'. God Forbid

I’ve been saying this forever. If you’re currently in Nigeria and you go to Speedtest and do the basic internet speed test, you’ll see that you’ve been lied to by Starcomms, MTN, Glo, Airtel and most annoyingly Swift and Mobitel ’4G’. Linkserve Chairman, Chima Onyekwere finally admitted in an interview with BusinessDay that no Nigerian Internet Service Provider offers BroadBand to its customers. Despite all their ‘Broadband’, ’4G’ and ‘Faster’ ads, Nigerians still get the worst internet service in the world. Worst still, we pay the highest for it. We posted an infographic of Internet speeds around the world and how much they cost a while back.

Chima Onyekwere said:

“When we defined broadband four years ago, we said that broadband was anything from 128kbs.Today, we can not define broadband in that manner. Broadband is actually 4 megabits per second. Therefore, I can confidently say that no telcom or ISP is delivering 4 MEG to any consumer in the market.”

Shine your eyes! This is why your ’3G’ service from MTN, Glo and Airtel doesn’t work well. They don’t actually offer these services they boast about on TV. A simple Twitter search from MTN proves that their users aren’t happy. Please, don’t annoy me with the ‘free 4MB’ they’re beginning to roll out now. What the hell is that meant to be used for?

He also said:
“But really, whether you look at Wikipedia, or the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), or even International Telecommunications Union (ITU) definitions of broadband, they have increased the threshold of what can be regarded as broadband.

Thus, I can now define 256kbps which is commonly available today as a percentage of broadband. Basic broadband is actually 4 megabits per second. Even though the internet application on some dongle you can actually get 2MEG, the Internet delivered to the consumer is usually between 64kbps to 128kbps,”.

A few weeks ago, Telecom operators said they need about 60,000 cell towers to roll out proper services compared to the current 20,000 they have. This confused me. Nobody’s stopping them from buying and setting up more cell towers. They make billions of profits from us each year and all we get from them are stupid, endless promos (Someone please BAN THEM).

On the regulator side, I haven’t seen anything the new NCC management has done to ensure these companies don’t lie to the non-tech savvy consumer. The NCC needs to especially sanction Mobitel and Swift for flaunting ’4G’ services when the NCC itself doesn’t issue 4G licenses. I mean, Swift runs on Main One’s cable and Main One isn’t even claiming ’4G’ speeds. How far na?

Hey! You out there! When next you’re subscribing to an ISP, ask to test the speeds on and show the people at the Starcomms and Swift stands at Palms that you’re not stupid. While drafting this post, my Starcomms modem disconnected itself, it’s going to do this over 20 times in the next 12 hours :(

What do you think about the Linkserve Chairman’s statement? Should other ISPs emulate him? Do we need to plan a boycott of these services? Leave us a comment.

Source: BusinessDay


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  • Oba Olanrewaju

    Honestly this guy spoke my mind. You also spoke my mind, it’s not even Internet that’s going too far. How about telephone calls? very crappy network services and I don’t see any of the TelCos working on it or doing anything about it. Have you ever called and another person entirely was speaking with you or called and the person who picked can’t hear you. I know it aint easy but they need to be working on smoother services for their customers. And NCC the regulator, no show from their end too. Very Sad!

  • tioluwa

    You've just made my day with this comment, i tested my visafone modem now and it returned .24Mbps upload and .3Mbps down, that is some bad fraction of 4G, i'm so sharing this post.

    A boycot? i'm not too sure if that's a good idea, but some real action needs to be taken to publicly hold these guys to their word.

    Great post.

  • tioluwa

    You've just made my day with this comment, i tested my visafone modem now and it returned .24Mbps upload and .3Mbps down, that is some bad fraction of 4G, i'm so sharing this post.

    • Binjo

      LMFAO! Visafone is Claiming 4G? What the hell?

  • Mr. E

    The WHOLE system in Nigeria is a ABSOLUTE Rip Off. I was there over the Spring and we all had to buy PrePaid phones. For none of our worked at all. Even when our carriers said they would.

    As for Internet service, There even worse. The cost per GIG was the cheapest way to buy time on a Computer for us to check the weather before we headed off to fly at different places.

    Ya I would say Big Brother needs to PAY your Companies a HUGE VISIT!~!~! Then again Big Brother is probably Paid off by these companies ripping off every person so badly!!!!!

    Mr E.

  • Waidi Oguntade

    The is the smartest thief I have ever seen in the chairman of LINKESERVE. He came out to say no broadband in Nigeria after deceiving a lot of people into buying their BLASTBROADBAND for between #150,000 and #200,000 depending on plan you chose. check out these links and read what people think.

    I bought from them and can face them. My name is Waidi, mail is [email protected]
    I still have all their correspondences, THEY ARE THIEVES!

  • FukNigerianSkammers

    Nigerians don't deserve broadband, too many thieves and identity stealing punks over there. I say let them have their dial up internet, but ban them from connecting to anywhere outside of their own country. If we gave them broadband they'd rob millions more.

    If you "good" nigerians wanna get broadband, then stop all your scammers. Know a scammer? Shoot him in the head. Know an internet pub that allows and/or profits from scamming? Burn it to the ground. Nigeria needs a civil war waged against it's cyber criminals before they should be allowed to connect to the outside world.

    Kill all nigerian scammers, no police, no court, no judge, just a cheap bullet to the back of the head will solve it all.