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Sex Doll Technology Used In Dentist’s Office

Hanako Showa 2

The Japanese are at it again! And this time its at the dentist’s office. No longer with will you or your child be the lab rat dental students use to gain experience with the job, because they now have  ‘Sex Dolls’. These Humanoid Robots are not meant to serve the purpose of sexual gratification. Rather, the technology with which these sex dolls were built with has been used to build the Hanako Showa 2.

The Hanako Showa 2 is a robotic patient built in Japan and meant for the sole purpose of giving dental students the job experience without putting real-life individuals at any risk. The ‘2’ in the name suggests there was a previous model made, that unfortunately was not released. The robot possesses many human abilities, such as being able to open and close its mouth, blink, cough, sneeze, choke and move its eyes. And it looks very much like a real person while doing all that.

The robot was developed jointly by Showa, Waseda and Kogakuin universities and produced by Japanese robot maker Tmsuk. Unlike its previous model, which was made of PVC plastics, the Hanako Showa 2 was made to have silicone skin, tongue and mouth lining. These human-like body parts were made by Orient Industry, which is a creator of sex dolls.

The  tongue and cheeks were made in 1 piece by Orient to prevent water from getting into the robot and causing problems. The robots tongue and arms each have 2 degrees of freedom, which makes a total of 10 degrees of freedom for the doll. These human like traits input into the dolls machinery were put in hopes of giving the students the most life-like experience with treating patients.

Yoshida Dental Manufacturing, a dental supply company, will begin distributing the Hanako Showa 2 later this year for an undisclosed sum.


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