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The new age of portable gaming is settling (well, at least in Japan). A few days ago in Japan, Sony launched its latest instalment to the portable gaming scene: The PlayStation Vita. The PS Vita has seen a fair amount of success through its sales in its early days, having sold 321,000 copies within its first two days in Japan. That is a decent figure but its still 50,000 unit sales behind what the Nintendo 3DS scored in its own first two days. Some may say that there is stillRead More
The Japanese are at it again! And this time its at the dentist’s office. No longer with will you or your child be the lab rat dental students use to gain experience with the job, because they now have  ‘Sex Dolls’. These Humanoid Robots are not meant to serve the purpose of sexual gratification. Rather, the technology with which these sex dolls were built with has been used to build the Hanako Showa 2. The Hanako Showa 2 is a robotic patient built in Japan and meant for the sole purpose ofRead More
If you have ever had to have your insides checked out by the men in white, you’ll know that it can be somewhat discomforting an experience. The usual is to have a tube inserted through your gut, via the throat or anus, but now there seems to be a less discomforting alternative. Developed by a team of researchers in Japan(Ryukoku University, Osaka Medical College, and a private-sector firm), this alternative invasive procedure is a capsule that is swallowed and propelled through ones intestines and stomach with the help of a remoteRead More