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Konga Imitates Soap.com Concept and Layout

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Earlier today, I was on Linda Ikeji’s Blog and I saw a post about a site called Konga.com that offered “baby, beauty & personal care retailing in Nigeria.” I was impressed because barely three months ago, I came across something similar.

As a student in the US living on campus without a car, going to the grocery store can be a pain, especially in between school work and trying to work around campus shuttle schedules. So, when I found Soap.com, I literally had this play in my head. It was and has been such a lifesaver, I just have to order what I want and it comes to me in a day or two. Simple and perfect!

I thought about how cool it would be if we had something similar in Nigeria, but when I thought ‘similar’, I didn’t think Konga.com-type similar. Everything on the site is pretty much from Soap.com’s layout, and I was more furious than impressed when I saw it. Everything right down to the font, the logo, the individual product pages etc.

It took me a lot to actually write this post because I really don’t want to get on the bad side of anyone. Plus, they aren’t the first to copy the layout of another site. Rocket Internet is notorious for using the concept and design of other major sites to create localized versions. Their Nigerian version of Zappos, Sabunta was caught copying code from Fab.com.

I really am a great fan of innovation, and I don’t mind taking a concept and creating something based off it. But, I don’t think it’s cool when you completely take what someone else has created and stamp another brand name on it. Below are some comparison pictures.

What do you guys think? Am I taking this too personal? I’d really like to hear your thoughts, sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE: They have since revamped everything. Layout is still slightly similar.

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  • wordpress

    Am really very disappointed in konga.com, good artist copy but great artist steal. But when you copy you don't copy everything now!.. haba!… your article made dem change colour… interesting, they should rather just close the company and start again cos the basis of their existence is to copy another man word for word!.. chei.. don't they have vision… Forget kasuwa, same thing… they didn't even change anything… kasuwa's advert sometimes jam with others from malaysia… It'll be good to have a Nigerian company copy with a vision. Not word for word. Or better still create something new!

  • Mike

    What the F*#K..Even the logo..habba now!!! thats too much…extremely disappointed. Just googled konga.com to try and track who designed the platform only for me to find this article..soap.com can take legal action and sue konga.com to court o…

  • Legacy

    same fin i wanted to know who designed the site, to know if they could help design ours…different concept though…then i saw this….na wa o…this country like taking people and intellectual property for granted…possible the owners of konga dont even know…or they are just careless like MT*

  • http://twitter.com/paigeclothing @paigeclothing

    Please I need a web designer or a company that can create something similar to this for an online clothing store based in Nigeria. Am tech savvy too but I need a professionals touch. Thanks