Jason Njoku talks to CNN’s African Voices about Africa’s Internet Revolution[VIDEO]

If you’ve recently watched any part of the ‘BlackBerry Babes’ series on YouTube, Jason Njoku is the man responsible for that. Jason is the Managing Director and founder of Nollywood Love, a company that uploads Nigerian content to a global audience.

In this interview with CNN’s African Voices, He talks about his desire to create a framework for online distribution in the Nigerian Movie Industry and why the technology scene in Africa at the moment reminds him of Sillicon Valley in 1994.

The parent comapny of Nollywood Love, Iroko Partners will make over $1million in revenue this year from buying rights for movies and running adverts on its YouTube videos. Iroko Partners currently employs over 40 staff, that edit and upload material to make sure foreign copyrighted content is removed from the movies. The movies get over 2.5Million views every week with BlackBerry Babes the most viewed having 650,000 views for the first part. Jason says more than 90% of it’s traffic comes from Europe, North America, the Carribean and the Middle East. This is largely due to the availability of BroadBand and the huge number of Nigerians in those regions. You’ll notice the Internet doesn’t work at some point in the video.

Image: Techloy

Videos: CNN


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