NollywoodLove Founder Says He Hasn’t Received $3Million Funding


The original title of this post was ‘Nigerian Startup NollywoodLove Gets $3Million Funding”. I drafted it in this morning so I’ll let you read the original draft at the bottom. Webtrendsng reported that Jason Njoku’s NollywoodLove had received $3Million from an unnamed American Startup fund. Well, NollywoodLove’s founder, Jason Njoku in an email to Techloy has said

“IROKO Partners / NollywoodLove funded? Not too sure where you getting your information…I am too wondering where they’re (WebTrends Nigeria) getting their information from.”.

Here’s our original draft on the story:

“If you’ve seen the very popular movie ‘BlackBerry Babes’ online in the past year, you’ll probably know NollywoodLove. Nollywood Love is a startup by Jason Njoku created to take Nollywood movies on YouTube and give them greater exposure. Webtrendsng reports that NollywoodLove has raised $3Million in funding from an unnamed US-based investment fund.

In the last year, NollywoodLove has gained coverage around the web and on CNN. It’s also been reported that NollywoodLove has made over $1Million in revenue from the YouTube partner Ads placed within videos. NollywoodLove recently signed contracts with over 40 Nigerian music artistes to manage their YouTube pages so their music videos aren’t repeated and artistes can raise revenue from their videos.

NollwoodLove seems to be on a roll and at the top of the Nigerian tech startup scene. Co-Creation Hub also received funding earlier in the year. What do you think about this report? Leave us a comment.

Source: Webtrendsng

Like I’ve said many times, “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A Billion Dollars!”. What do you think about this story? Leave us a comment.


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