Threes Is The Addictive Puzzle Game For iOS That You’ve Never Heard Of

​'A Game You Can Play Forever'

Threes is a little game you never heard of because Flappy Bird took over the world in the same week that Threes launched. It was created by Asher Vollmer and it’s only on iOS.

 If you enjoy matching puzzle games like Candy Crush, then Threes should make you feel right at home. It’s formula is east to learn but difficult to master.  In Threes users must match up tiles to form larger numbers. 1 and 2 tiles go together to form a 3. Once you hit three you can only pair a number with the same number, doubling the value. This goes on and on as the numbers grow higher and make more room for smaller numbers. You can get an idea about how Threes works with this animated GIF:

The space on the board is limited, and the game ends when you can no longer move. Hence, you must manage the free spaces. Elements of strategy come into play because to be really great at Threes you must plan a few moves ahead for example planning for a move that will free two or more spaces with a single action. Vollmer says that you could play Threes forever, and it looks like he’s right, you can continue to try and beat your high-score and those of your friends.

Threes can be purchased in the iTunes App Store for $1.99 and that’s the last thing you’ll pay forever. It follows the well known great-game formula of simple rules, intuitive gameplay, but difficult to master.  Threes is looking to be one of the best swipe-matching-puzzle  games out there, I’d say it’s worth your attention.

Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

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