Yoruba 101 Lets You Learn The Basics Of The Language [APP REVIEW]

I recently used the Yoruba 101 App developed by Inncite Limited. It is an app geared at teaching very basic Yoruba language and it does a pretty good job at seeing as I (a non-speaker of the language) seemed to pick up a few good language tips.

When the application starts, it presents you with Topics which are:

1. Alphabets

2. Words

3. Syllables

4. Sentences

5. Games

Yoruba 101 Home

The topics are seemingly placed in order, so it will be beneficial to the learner to go from item 1 to 5.

The ‘Alphabets’ section shows you each alphabet and its pronounciation, a word with the same alphabet it’s translation.

Alphabet Screen

The ‘Words’ section shows the combination of alphabets just learned in the previous section and combines them to make words giving the pronunciation along with an English translation of the word

Words screen

The ‘Syllables” section also shows the combination of alphabets and their pronunciation. It acts as a continuation of the ‘Words’ section as there is not too much a difference between this section and the ‘Words’ section.

Syllables Screen

The ‘Sentences’ section combines all the previous sections together and puts the ‘Words’ and ‘Syllables’ learned before to form full sentences. It also follows with the English translation of the sentences that form. This is very useful for basic sentence construction for beginners.

Sentences Screen

The ‘Games’ section is like an exercises section that tests your knowledge on what you learn from all the previous sections. There is a game available for each section. The ‘Alphabet’ game has you tap on the sound card to listen to the sound of the letter and match it up with the appropriate letter. The ‘Words’ game  shows the word in Yoruba and asks for the English translation of the word and the ‘Syllables’ game does the same thing as the ‘Word’ game. Finally, the ‘Sentences’ game speaks the sentence out to you and there are three options to select from and you are to drag the correct English translation into the box.

Alphabets GameScreenSentence Games Screen

I see instances where the Yoruba 101 app could be used in primary (elementary) schools to learn basic Yoruba language and then move forward from there. It is also a good application for people who want to learn the language from the very basics.

I think some points of improvement could be to update the app weekly or maybe monthly with new exercises because at this point, I feel like paying for the app to get just one set of exercises is not very worth it. But if they can keep the exercises dynamic, I think it will be totally worth it.

The App costs $0.99 and you can get it for iPad or your Android device. If you’ve tried this app please leave your comments below.

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