Kinect Won’t Be Required For Xbox One

XboxD_Logo_Consle_Sensr_controller_F_GreenBG_RGB_2013-285x285In July Microsoft reversed it’s DRM policies for the Xbox One, dropping their 24-hour Internet check-in requirement and all restrictions on used games. Yesterday Microsoft’s Mark Whitten announced that the Xbox One console will no longer require the Xbox Kinect device to function.

Kinect-based features such as player identification, voice commands, etc., will be disabled as a result of unplugging the Kinect device. Other entertainment features will work normally as before

The change arises as part of Microsoft’s effort to appease its core gamer contingency, one which had voiced their concerns and made that feature very unpopular. Popular speculation states that Microsoft plans to launch an Xbox One bundle that will not include the Kinect device and as such be a much more affordable way to obtain an Xbox One. This idea would make the Xbox One compete better with the PlayStation 4 on price. Of course at the end of the day speculation is speculation.

However if a version of the Xbox One has a price equal to the price of the PS4, would you buy it? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

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