Titi Tilapia Enters Android Beta Testing

We came across Titi Tilapia in January 2012. It’s the first homegrown video-game from Nigeria, a lot of things have happened since the first demo. Sonbim Games has discontinued the 3D PC game announced earlier in January 2012, signifying a move to the mobile platform for the time being. The game Titi Tilapia will enter Android Beta testing, an APK file is available here and it is the first Android build so it’s bound to be buggy.

“We feel letting a lot more people test and give us feedback will help us produce a much better final product,”   Project Lead Idamiebi says on the games blog.

Titi Tilapia is about a purple fish who discovers that her eggs are missing, the eggs are taken by an octopus called Evil Okoro who is the main antagonist of the story. You’ll help gathering eggs underwater (With the help of her friends like Tonye the Tortoise and Elder Emeka) in order to save them from Okoro the Octopus who intends to control the entire ocean.


The game features simple controls.

Screenshots below. A review of the open beta build will be available soon.


Sunken “Danfo” buses provide an interesting backdrop for collecting eggs

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

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