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Call Facebook Friends Directly From Skype

After announcing Facebook-to-Facebook video calls in July, Skype and the world’s largest social network have announced something spectacular. Facebook users logged into Skype can now call their online friends on Facebook. This marks a significant step in the so-called social media war between the 800-pound gorilla Facebook and Google with its Google+ ‘project’.

The Skype update is still in its beta version and is available to download on the Skype 5.4 Beta for Mac and Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows users. The Skype beta versions have Facebook-calling functions, giving users the ability to call their Facebook friends and even those using Facebook through browsers.

Making calls to your Facebook friends from Skype is easy and only requires you to link your Skype and Facebook accounts together. Select an online friend and click the video call button in Skype  and your friend receives it whether (s)he is using Facebook on a browser or on Skype and you are good to go. Skype has further improved its video service for Mac and brought group screen sharing for Windows something which was only for Mac users. Users chatting one-on-one will also be able to share each others’ screens while streaming video.

This leaves us wondering if there is still more in stock from Facebook to dash Google’s hopes of being the social media king or Google fights back with a very innovative product that turns the tide. Time will tell. Feel free to drop us a comment below.

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