Facebook Tests Facebook Messenger For Windows

Facebook began rolling out a new Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 to a limited number of users. It allows users access Facebook Chat, Ticker and notifications. Facebook’s goal with this app is to keep you logged in to the service without opening your browser. Facebook has also started showing sponsored ads in Ticker, so this is another way to push ads. There’s currently no public download link for the app as users who have gotten it are prompted to download it from their homepage.


When I heard about this, I was like “Whaat? This is stupid. We practically live in our browsers these days”. Turns out the Facebook-connected Windows Live Messenger is Facebook’s most popular app with 18.2 million daily users so users might move to this app.

The notification feature on the app also links users back to Facebook which  makes it another avenue for Facebook to generate pageviews. Seems like Facebook is looking to push its chat and messaging services onto platforms. Facebook launched ‘Facebook Messenger’ for Android, iOS and BlackBerry a few months ago although the app doesn’t have the notification feature and doesn’t link users back to the website.

However, launching this app on Windows 7 doesn’t mean Facebook has a new partnership with Microsoft. It’s just a beta test and as users respond, Facebook might open this up to older versions of Windows, as well as Mac and Linux users.

Is there anyone out there who has gotten this app? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. For the rest of us who haven’t gotten it yet? What do you think? Do you want it?

Source: TechCrunch


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