CES Aftermath: Razer Moonshot Project Christine Debut

That piece of alien technology interesting technology is Razer’s latest concept, for now they are calling it Project Christine, much like the Razer Edge at last year’s CES it wasn’t a real product yet. Project Christine is a highly-modular desktop gaming PC that has each of its components in encased in its own liquid cooled metal module that can be swapped in or out on the fly.

Razer created a wire-free and incredibly easy method of swapping, adding, or upgrading components and it uses PCI-Express architecture to connect and sync each component for what Razer calls “plug-and-play” upgradability. Project Christine’s modules will house GPUs, SSDs, RAM, power supplies, the CPU, and more. All this can be mounted and arranged anyway the user prefers. In addition to active liquid cooling in every module, each module will also feature noise-cancelation which, Razer says will enable them to factory overclock components for greatly increased performance.The tower will also come equipped with a built-in LCD touch screen, which offers controls and maintenance information for each module.

Razer will have to manufacture those modules using components that they’ll obtain from major manufacturers and then sell them. Needless to say, that will not do any favors for the prices of those modules if Project Christine follows in the Edge’s footsteps and makes it past the prototype stage. Guesses as to how much Project Christine will cost would most likely be more than a bit off. Razer has shown that you can’t ever be prepared for their price tags, you can only budget after they drop a hammer on your wallet.

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

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