CES 2013 Gamer Edition: Nvidia Unveils New Processor, Project Shield

The Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest technology event of the year, much like E3 but for most things but gaming. That said CES has also seen a few big reveals for the gaming industry in the past such as the original Xbox, Razer’s Switchblade and a host of others. CES 2013 will begin officially on Tues. January 8th and will run till the 11th, however press events begin today. CES is very famous for gaming devices and hardware and we will be watching all the big names like Sony, LG, Samsung, Nvidia and many others right here on Technesstivity.

The first major reveal of CES; Nvidia has introduced an Android-based gaming handheld titled Project Shield.

The system uses the company’s new Tegra 4 processor and is housed within a controller with a flip-up screen, complete with its own integrated sound system and the complete array of controls you’d find on a traditional console controller. It features a HDMI port for video output, micro-USB for accessories and docks, and a microSD port for expandable storage. While the exact specs are still forthcoming, Project Shield has a 5-inch 720p HD display.

The system, Nvidia says, is “pure Android,” which gives it unhindered access to the standard Android interfaced, as well as apps and games from the Google Play store. It will also be able to play games installed on your gaming PC at home via remote access including Steam platform games and will play any PC game from anywhere within the same local Wi-Fi network. It’s slated for a Q2 release.

Here’s a demo video of Project Shield

Technesstivity will cover all gaming-related news from CES 2013 so stay tuned.

Video: Android Central

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