Razer’s Edge is Bridging PC and Tablet Gaming With “The Most Powerful Tablet In The World”

Remember Project Fiona, a Windows-based gaming tablet that debuted as a concept at CES 2012? Well after over a year of crowd-sourced development and refinement, Razer has introduced the retail incarnation of the Project Fiona concept, and it’s called the Edge.

Meet the best product at CES 2013: Razer Edge.

Simply put, the Razer Edge is a pure gaming tablet. But it’s not that simple. With the right accessories, the Edge transforms from a tablet to a gaming machine to a desktop. Picture the Microsoft Surface Pro but instead of being designed for productivity, it’s a portable gaming rig.

Razer is calling it “The Most Powerful Tablet In The World”, they maybe right. The Razer Edge boasts  Intel Core i7(or i5)  Dual core w/ Hyper Threading Base 1.9GHz / Turbo 3.0GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA GT 640M LE graphics with its 2GB DDR3 video memory, 128 or 256GB SSD and a 10.1″ 10-point capacitive touch screen with a maximum resolution of 1366×768.

But it’s the Edge’s versatility that makes it stand apart. The company listened to its fans and made the gaming controls a dockable accessory. Not playing Borderlands 2? Pop the tablet out and play some Angry Birds on Windows 8 or watch a video. Need to do some work or simply play a game with a mouse and keyboard? Drop the Edge into the optional tabletop dock and it transforms into a desktop computer capable of running a monitor (just like the Surface Pro). There is one big drawback, though: Due to the processing power that high-end PC games demand, the Razer Edge will only get about an hour of battery life while gaming. Razer will sell a $69 extended battery, which snaps into either the keyboard dock or game controller and doubles the battery life, but even then you’re only looking at about two hours of game time.

Razer dominated CES 2013 with this crazy powerful device, the idea is a winner. Razer assured us last year that the device would retail for under a $1000, what is really happening is that the device is retailing for $1 less at $999. It’s kinda worth it. Would you buy one?

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

When he is not gorging himself on games and tech news, Adetunji creates designs and photography. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to see more. @freeshype

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