CES 2013: Mad Catz Introduces Mice and Controllers for Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and PC

CES is wrapping up. We will bring you all that happened in gaming throughout CES right here on Technesstivity. Mad Catz, famous for manufacturing gaming accessories for gaming consoles and PC, is entering the tablet and smartphone market. Mad Catz has produced the R.A.T.M mouse, F.R.E.Q.M headset, M.O.U.S.9 wireless mouse, and C.T.R.L.R wireless gamepad, all of which can be used with PCs, Macs, smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets via Bluetooth, USB, or wireless dongles.

The M.O.U.S.9 wireless mouse and the R.A.T.M mouse.

These are gaming mice primarily made for smartphones and tablets and anything in between. The R.A.T.M and M.O.U.S.9 are compact variations of the company’s acclaimed R.A.T.7 and R.A.T.9 gaming mice, which feature customizable ergonomic grips and weight systems. Mad Catz is trying to bridge this gap by making an entire line of peripherals that will work with anything that has Bluetooth capabilities through what is being called GameSmart Technology. Both the R.A.T.M. and M.O.U.S.9 boast a battery life of up to year, according to Mad Catz.

F.R.E.Q.M gaming headset.

The F.R.E.Q.M. is a compact, fold-up wired headset with an inline microphone for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It features 40mm drivers and dual in-line audio controllers, which will let you answer calls on your phone, or mute your mic on your computer. This will run you about $150.

Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R., console-style controller.

The last piece is the C.T.R.L., which looks very similar to an Xbox controller. The big noticeable difference is that it has media buttons, otherwise it’s layout is very similar to the Xbox controller. It seems as though these will be up for sale quite soon as there are already “buy” buttons up here.

As part of its GameSmart marketing, Mad Catz is providing mobile game developers with the tools necessary to provide integrated support for the devices within their apps, mostly to ensure developer support for integration into mobile games. These devices are likely going start a trend, with manufacturers like, Logitech and Razer following suit, maybe then you can get one, until then these would drop the hammer on your wallet.

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