CES Aftermath: Sony Reveals Streaming Service Playstation Now

PlayStation Now, an all-new games streaming service that will allow “classic” PlayStation games to be played across current-gen PlayStation hardware, as well as directly on other non-gaming platforms. The new streaming service is largely powered by Gaikai, Sony’s $380 million acquisition in the summer of 2012.

PlayStation Now, will enable you to stream classic and blockbuster PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games to not only the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita but also to televisions, tablets, and smartphones. 2014 Sony Bravia televisions will support PlayStation Now, and marks the beginning of the expansion of the service to other PlayStation supported devices and even non-Sony devices.

Sony confirms that PlayStation Now will be subscription-based and will support online multiplayer and Trophies. Players can also opt not to subscribe and rent games on a by-game basis.

There is no specific roster of games that have been confirmed for the launch of the series, it’s also unclear whether it will be a port of the old-gen console games already available on PlayStation Network but time will tell. Expect to see the service launch this summer.

Adetunji Openiyi (freeshype)

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