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E3 2014 Review Part I

It’s been a month since E3 kicked off this year with Microsoft’s stellar press conference, followed by press conferences from EA, Ubisoft and Sony all on the same day. Let’s start with the long awaited sequels. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC and it features Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey who plays the story’s main antagonist. This title drops November 4, 2014. Assassin’s Creed Unity The latest iteration of Assassin’s Creed plays as good asRead More

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CES Aftermath: Sony Reveals Streaming Service Playstation Now

PlayStation Now, an all-new games streaming service that will allow “classic” PlayStation games to be played across current-gen PlayStation hardware, as well as directly on other non-gaming platforms. The new streaming service is largely powered by Gaikai, Sony’s $380 million acquisition in the summer of 2012. PlayStation Now, will enable you to stream classic and blockbuster PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games to not only the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita but also to televisions, tablets, and smartphones. 2014 Sony Bravia televisions will support PlayStation Now, and marks theRead More

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VIDEO: Sony Shows Off The PS4 Experience

After the launch of Sony’s latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 where it finally showed the console 4 months after it announced it and even showed us the console’s controller. Sony didn’t quite show us what an everyday use of the console would be like. The company just released this video(below) to show just that – The PS4 experience. Looking at it we can see the interface and a feel of the user interaction. We can see how gamers can speak to one another regardless of whatRead More
Sony’s latest video game console was announced close to four months ago without actually showing us the console. It has finally been unveiled with a price tag of $399 which is about $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. The new console is a bit similar to the older one but a bit bigger with an angled parallelogram design and will be available in black. They also answer the question on if used games will work on the console and the answer is yes. It will also be able to play games while offline. YouRead More
Sony announced the PlayStation 4 — its next generation gaming console and the successor to the PlayStation 3, yesterday at their New York event. The console packs some impressive hardware specs. An eight-core X86 AMD “Jaguar” CPU and a 1.84 Teraflop AMD Radeon graphics engine (with “18 compute units”) are what power the central processing on the PS4, There’s also 8GB of fast GDDR5 memory on-board. The PS4 will have a hard drive but the size and if it will be easily interchanged with that of the PS3 is still unknown. Sony alsoRead More
ps4 remote play

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Sony Likely To Reveal PS4 At Event [LIVE STREAM]

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for! Sony told us it will have something special for us come February 20. So here we are and we want to be impressed. We’re hoping it’s the PlayStation 4, and we’re keeping our hopes up. The event  officially begins at 6PM EST, or 23:00 GMT. That’s 00:00 WAT(GMT+1) for those in West Africa, for anything higher than GMT+1 that would be very early hours of the morning  of the next day (21st) February. We’ve gleaned this live stream courtesy of, They will startRead More
The next generation of video game machines might be coming really soon as Sony will host a big event for the PlayStation on the 20th of February in New York. This makes many believe this would be the stage where the company would unveil the successor to the PlayStation 3. Attached to the invitation is a short teaser video that consists only of a trippy flythrough of the iconic PlayStation shapes but no other detail to hint us in any direction. Reports also point that Sony and Microsoft already planned to debut their consolesRead More

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New Super-Slim PS3 Launching This Month

At the Tokyo Game Show, Wednesday, Sony announced a new variant of its PlayStation 3. The new PlayStation 3 is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the previous one and will be available in 250GB or 500GB models. The new PS3 measures 11.4-inches wide, 2.36-inches tall, and 9.05-inches deep with a nice textured surface on the top of the console. It retains the curved style of its predecessors, all-in-all its no bigger than a laptop, a really sexy sleek laptop. Once again it features a Blu-Ray drive forRead More

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OUYA Open Source Game Console A Potential Game Changer?

The Ouya is an idea for a new kind of video game console for the TV. The Ouya, designed by Yves Behar is an open sourced, Android game console. What makes this concept unique is the complete hackability of the console. The Ouya will come with a developer’s kit to enable the everyday developer that doesn’t necessarily work for big name publishers to tinker with the console and publish titles for it. If all goes according to plan, the Ouya should be released in March 2013 with a price tag ofRead More

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Taking Gaming to the Clouds

Some of you may already be familiar with cloud gaming services such as Gaikai or OnLive. These services let you stream games to your TV, tablets, Macs, PCs or even smartphones- all you need is a suitable controller and you’ll be all set to play high-end games on almost any of your devices. Most people’s initial response to this is, “what’s the catch?” Most people are right to ask that. Cloud gaming is basically having the actual console somewhere far away from you where it has to stream the gameplay toRead More