Verizon Drops Unlimited Smartphone Data Plans

When I got my iPhone and switched to AT&T I can say I was the happiest person alive, until they told me I would only be able to get a data plan of 4GB per month. Safe to say, that ruined it for me.

AT&T took that step in June 2010 and Verizon followed suit yesterday. The tiered data plans will start at $30/month for 2GB but this won’t affect existing customers who already have unlimited data plans. So if you’re already on the bandwagon, cherish your kilobytes!

The Verizon Wireless plans have three tiers, starting from the $30 for 2GB of data transfer. Then for we the data hungry, there are the 5 GB for $50 and a 10 GB for $80 per month plans.

Some feature phones will be eligible for a lower data plan, which will be 75 MB of data for $10 per month, or a $1.99 per megabyte pay-per-use plan.

According to sources, adding the mobile hotspot service to one of the smartphone plans will cost an extra $20 per month with overages costing $20 per 2GB of any additional data. Apparently, customers who have Verizon’s unlimited LTE hotspot plan already will still be able to keep the services for $30 per month.

This change leaves Sprint as the only network with unlimited data plans because apparently, “T-Mobile degrades data service for customers that go over plan limits”.

I think it’s odd that as people need data more these days, phone companies are giving us tiered data plans. what do you think? Drop us a comment below.


Faridah Demola-Seriki

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