Nokia Attacks iPhone And Android Fanboys In Lumia 920 Ad[VIDEO]

Nokia tweeted this image right after Samsung's Galaxy S4 Launch

Nokia tweeted this image right after Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Launch

Nokia’s latest Ad for the Lumia 920 takes a heavy jab at iPhone and Android fanboys. It starts at a wedding scene with a young man taking pictures with his really large phone. Someone in the congregation asks if he can stop obstructing their view and then someone jabs at Samsung’s Galaxy range of phones. Another attacks the iPhone and the wedding breaks out in chaos. An iPhone user asks another attendee if he can autocorrect a slap.

Nokia has joined the train of Samsung’s efforts at jabbing other phones. Earlier this year, Nokia pushed an ad that hit the iPhone’s lack of coloured alternatives. Assuming phone colours are a feature.

Samsung also hit the iPhone with a couple of hilarious ads last year. Apple on the other hand seems not to be moved, except for ads on its homepage like this one.


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