Nokia Lumia 920 Ad Takes A Stab At The iPhone 5 [VIDEO]


Nokia has premiered a new ad for its Lumia 920 that attacks the lack of variety of iPhone colours.

The animated ad starts with the famous long queues Apple always has when they launch a product like the iPhone 5 with customers waiting and slowly shuffling in until they get to the counter to purchase their device and find out it only comes in black or white.


We all know that the iPhone has always come in black and not too long ago in the white version as has most phones in the past. A lot of phones are now coming out with a variety of colours like blue and red alongside the usual black and white and Nokia took the opportunity to highlight that its Lumia 920 comes in different vibrant colours.

Find out more about the Nokia Lumia 920 here.

Nokia won’t be the first company to attack the iPhone. Samsung has released about five ads, attacking different features or lack of features on the iPhone 4S. Last month, Motorola poked fun at Apple’s new Maps app on iOS6 with the Twitter hashtag #iLost.

iPhone users, do you want your iPhone in various colours? Please leave us a comment.

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  • muyosanspeaks

    Since when did the colour of a phone become a main "feature"

  • iPhone4 user

    The ad is nt about the colours, its about individualism (the lack of)?