Nokia Lumia 719 Confirmed By Bluetooth SIG Qualifications

Last year Nokia signed an agreement with Microsoft and announced that a new era – the era of WP smartphones – was coming. Soon after (even unexpectedly soon, I would say) Nokia’s first Windows Phone-based phones were released. Right now we already have the rather affordable Lumia 710 and the stylish and competitive Lumia 800; the Nokia Lumia 900 is also on its way and will be released very soon. There is also a big number of unofficial and rumored devices (like the Nokia 610, for example), some of which seem to be really attractive, but we can’t be sure they’ll ever be released.

However, another WP device has become almost official – the Nokia Lumia 719 has been confirmed thanks to the Bluetooth SIG qualifications. Unfortunately, not much is known about its specs and features yet; the only info we now have is that the phone will sport a 3.7-inch ClearBlack display and a 5MP camera, just like the Nokia Lumia 710.

Some geeks think the Lumia 719 is the same Lumia 710 – only the name is different, since it’s intended to be released in other countries, not only in Europe. Others think the Lumia 719 is actually a different device that will come with a more powerful processor, a bigger amount of RAM and a higher price. We don’t know which of these versions is correct – we only know the phone exists, and the rest will be made clear when Nokia makes an official announcement.

According to the Bluetooth SIG page, the mysterious Nokia Lumia 719 will be released in North America, South Africa and Asia, and the release is expected to take place quite soon, so we hope we’ll hear something from Nokia during the next weeks, most likely, at the Mobile World Congress 2012, which is starting on February 27.


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