Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch [SPECS + VIDEO]



Samsung, today, unveiled its new entrant into the smartwatch industry dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that will act as a companion to your Galaxy Smartphone and allow you control basic tasks on your smartphone via the watch. In essence, it acts as a second screen for your smartphone and offers convenience in the fact that it allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while still getting alerts of what is going on. You can read your email, check the weather and even answer a phone call and actually speak through an inbuilt speaker and microphone in the bottom of the watch. However, one of the killer features that Samsung is touting in this device is its ability to take  photos on its own and sync them to your phone. Samsung stated that at launch the Galaxy Gear will be compatible with about 70 apps- an impressive number for a new device.

The Galaxy Gear is packed with a 1.6 inch Super AMOLED Display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, a single core 800Mhz Exynos Processor and has a speaker and mic built into the bottom of the watch. It  has an accelerometer and a gyroscope built in and a 325mAh battery which Samsung promises to last a full day before needing a charge.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy Gear will only be compatible with the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 at launch and then will be made compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 through an Android 4.3 update later in the year.

The Galaxy Gear will be priced at $299 when it launches globally in late September.

Here’s a quick hands-on video from Engadget showing the Galaxy Gear in use.

What are your thoughts on smartwatches? Do you think they are necessary?

Photo Credit: Engadget

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