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At Mobile World Congress last night, Nokia announced a lineup of its Android phones. The phones are the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. The three phones are manufactured by Nokia but run a forked Android version called “Nokia X”. Nokia has built its own services and interface on Google’s Android and the OS has no ties to Google. It reminds us of the Android version on Amazon’s Kindle Fire range. We’ll go into specs, features, photos and videos of the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Nokia X+Read More
Instagram finally arrived on the Windows phone platform after Nokia attempted to put pressure on the photo-streaming site when they launched their own app called #2InstaWithLove. Well, looks like this move worked as the Instagram app is now available for download in the Windows Phone App Store. The App is listed as “Instagram BETA” and includes all the usual photo editing features like the filters you find in its other versions but excludes the Video recording function for now. You also cannot tag people or view maps from geo taggedRead More
In the last few years of the smartphone shutdown, analysts have repeated that Microsoft should buy BlackBerry or Nokia to gain a stronghold in the marketplace. It has finally happened. Microsoft has announced its purchase of Nokia’s devices and services unit. This includes Nokia’s phone manufacturing departments, a couple hundred patents. The total price of this purchase is 5.44-billion Euros. Microsoft paid more for Skype. Microsoft says it remains committed to its other Windows Phone partners – we all know Nokia has been the biggest supporter of the Windows PhoneRead More
A couple of weeks ago, I bought a Nokia Lumia 1020. It’s big, powerful and yellow all over. Having used it for a long enough time to form a meaningful opinion, I thought I’d share that opinion so here we go. The Lumia 1020 is a beautiful device. Mine is a matte yellow, but they also come in black and white. The device has a very high build quality and is very sturdy to hold in your hand. My one gripe with its shape, however, is the fact that theRead More
Nokia’s latest Ad for the Lumia 920 takes a heavy jab at iPhone and Android fanboys. It starts at a wedding scene with a young man taking pictures with his really large phone. Someone in the congregation asks if he can stop obstructing their view and then someone jabs at Samsung’s Galaxy range of phones. Another attacks the iPhone and the wedding breaks out in chaos. An iPhone user asks another attendee if he can autocorrect a slap. Nokia has joined the train of Samsung’s efforts at jabbing other phones.Read More
Nokia announced a new phone in its Asha series. The Asha 210 runs Symbian for Series 40 and features a dedicated WhatsApp button close to the phone’s call and end buttons. This isn’t the first time a mobile phone manufacturer is adding a special button for a messaging app. We saw it with the HTC Status and it’s dedicated Facebook button. Let’s get down to the specs. You can skip to photos of the Asha 210 at the bottom of this post. The Asha 210 is 11.8mm thin and weighsRead More
Since Microsoft surprised us by entering the tablet market with its Surface Tablet, speculations have been going around about a possible Surface phone. This has led to a lot of rumours, and one of them is that the device went into test phase late last year. ZDnet reported that Nokia made a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), stating not only did it suspect Microsoft of making a phone, but that it could be “detrimental” to the Finnish phone firm’s business interests because this could lead Microsoft to focus moreRead More
Nokia unveiled two new Windows Phone 8 devices at Mobile World Congress 2013 – the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520. The 720 is a mid-range phone and the 520 is a low-end phone. The 520 will go on sale for about $180 while the 720 will go for around $330. NOKIA LUMIA 520 The Lumia 520 sports a 4-inch LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It’s powered by a 1GHz dual-core snapdragon processor and 512MB of RAM. Internal storage stands at 8GB with extra 7GB ofRead More
iROKOtv App on Nokia Interface
iROKOtv, the largest distributor of Nollywood content online, has announced a Windows Phone 8 app exclusively to Nokia’s Lumia range. The app gives iROKOtv and iROKOtv+ subscribers access to its catalogue of Nollywood movies on their mobile phones. For the first three months of using the app, all subscribers get free movies after signup. Like the iROKOtv website, payment would be required for access to new movies under iROKOtv+ Users also have the ability to take actions they’ll usually make on the iROKOtv website – like the ability to searchRead More
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Posted On December 24, 2012By BinjoIn Top Stories

Nokia And Gidi Traffic Launch Traffic App

Nokia has launched a traffic tracking app for Lagos in conjunction with Gidi Traffic. The app pulls tweets from the @Gidi_Traffic and shows them on applicable Lagos roads. Here’s the catch: the app is only available to Nokia phone users. Duuh. Don’t fret yet. If you’re on a non-Nokia phone or on desktop browser , you can view mapped Gidi Traffic and Traffic Butter(stop jacking Gidi Traffic mentions guys) tweets on LGTNigeria. For Nokia, that’s another reason to get one of their phones. Other crowdsourcesd traffic apps like Traffikator andRead More