Nokia And Gidi Traffic Launch Traffic App

Nokia has launched a traffic tracking app for Lagos in conjunction with Gidi Traffic. The app pulls tweets from the @Gidi_Traffic and shows them on applicable Lagos roads.

Here’s the catch: the app is only available to Nokia phone users. Duuh.

Don’t fret yet. If you’re on a non-Nokia phone or on desktop browser , you can view mapped Gidi Traffic and Traffic Butter(stop jacking Gidi Traffic mentions guys) tweets on LGTNigeria.

For Nokia, that’s another reason to get one of their phones. Other crowdsourcesd traffic apps like Traffikator and Road Peer don’t have enough traction for users to get most recent updates. If you get any update at all.

Earlier this year, Gidi Traffic was nominated for a Shorty Award in the life-saving hero category and later won a Future Award for the Best Use of New Media.

We’re really hoping however, that all the questions people usually ask Google, won’t show up in traffic reports.


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