Macs Now Get Viruses?

Few users of Mac OS X operating system would be able to tell you recently that their computers may have gotten a virus from the Internet.

The Mac Defender virus is a new virus written by certain hackers somewhere in Romania and it has gone viral to Mac users who became vulnerable it.
Seeing as Apple does not write anti-virus programs for their OS, the company decided to write a definition to combat the Mac Defender. This definition was by-passed 8 hours after it was written, and so the Mac Defender virus is still out there. Here is how the virus deploys itself on Mac computers:

The “Mac Defender” virus is gotten usually from search engines like Google. When one is using Google search, a pop-up window will appear and run a supposed malware scan. After this it will inform you that you have a virus and then attempt to install itself on your Mac as “Mac Defender”. It looks professional and so you might be deceived as to thinking it is legitimate. If one goes ahead to install the “Mac Defender”, it will incorrectly inform you that you have a virus and tell you to pay a fee to have the virus eradicated but this is all false.

This is the first time anything of this sort has ever happened to Apple and so it is widely believed that Apple will handle the case intently. But tell us what you think. Would Apple have to start writing anti-virus programs for the Mac OS? Might other people try to do this same thing? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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3 Responses to “Macs Now Get Viruses?”
  1. wole says:

    This thing always pops up but i never click it, obviously a virus

  2. Exie Halk says:

    This is certainly a fantastic article. Thanks for spending some time to explain all this out for all of us. It truly is a great help!

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