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Posted On June 30, 2011By Paul OgunlowoIn Gadgets, Top Stories

Another iPad competitor surfaces

HP has joined the race to compete significantly with the Apple iPad after announcing its release of the HP Touchpad which will ship starting on the 1st of July, 2011. The HP Touchpad features it’s own OS (Web OS 3.0) which is different from all other iPad competitors which port the Android Honeycomb OS for their tablets, and so this may give them an edge in terms of customization. The Touchpad is also a very business-friendly device and is very conversant with the Palm OS devices and the HP smartRead More

Posted On June 30, 2011By Ifeanyi Bold GbemuduIn Business

Rent Your Neighbor’s Car With RelayRides

RelayRides – “re-inventing the wheel”. Amazingly, just when you think we’ve reached some kind of threshold of ideas and boom! another ingenius idea pops up. RelayRides.com has proven that renting your neighbours car is good business (remember the “shit” business is good business guy?… aha!). Just before you say “what the crap”; RelayRides raised a total of $5.1 million from Google Ventures and August Capital around December last year. How does it work? First off, the cars are fully insured once they come onboard RelayRides. People willing to make extraRead More
chinese sells virginity for iPhone 4
Korea herald reports that a Chinese teenager has posted on Sina Weibo[the Chinese version of Twitter] that it’s her “dream is to own a iPhone 4 but her father won’t let her get one.”. She also posted a picture of herself with basic personal information claiming she’s willing to sell her virginity to anyone that buys her an iPhone 4. In April, we saw a 17 year old sell his kidney for an iPad 2 and a cellphone which cost about $3,400. Chinese sociologists blame these recent sales on theRead More
It’s exactly half of the year. Twitter users are now sending 200 million tweets per day according to a blogpost by twitter. Looking at the number of tweets posted in January 2009, we had 2million tweets a day and by June in 2010, Tweeps were posting 65million tweets a day. In physical perspective, every day twitter users write an equivalent of a 10million page book via their tweets or 8,1630 of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Now, to read this text will take more than 31 years so don’t evenRead More

Posted On June 30, 2011By Paul OgunlowoIn Design, Mobile

Does the future lie in the cloud?

With all the recent frenzy everywhere about cloud computing; the real question that is posed to us is: does the future of technology lie in the cloud? There has been a lot of talk in recent months about cloud computing and its benefits and flaws. We have recently seen Google launch the Chrome OS – the first fully cloud based OS. We have also seen Google acquire Sage TV, probably with intentions of taking Google TV to the cloud along with their other services like Google Docs. Microsoft has justRead More
Myspace once used to be the top social networking website in the world, but then came along Facebook and well the rest is history. News corp which acquired the company back in 2005, for a whooping $580 million, has decided to cut its losses and sell the company to Specific Media, and advertising firm, for just $35 million. News corp would also receive a 5% stake in specific media. In a memo released, CEO Mike Jones announced to his staff about the details of the sale, while also thanking them forRead More
If you have ever had to have your insides checked out by the men in white, you’ll know that it can be somewhat discomforting an experience. The usual is to have a tube inserted through your gut, via the throat or anus, but now there seems to be a less discomforting alternative. Developed by a team of researchers in Japan(Ryukoku University, Osaka Medical College, and a private-sector firm), this alternative invasive procedure is a capsule that is swallowed and propelled through ones intestines and stomach with the help of a remoteRead More
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Posted On June 29, 2011By aeromatiIn Gaming

The Assassin returns from Holiday.

The Hitman series is back with Hitman Absolution. Hitman Blood Money was released back in 2006 and Assassin’s Creed has taken over in that aspect of gaming. While Assassin’s Creed has been a fantastic masterpiece, there’s something about being able to use Agent 47 to  successfully slip in and out of enemy lines just to hit the target.   Hitman has always been flexible in weapons and methods of completing the mission which has endeared it to numerous fans. During the E3 demo of the game, there’s a scene where he(agentRead More

Posted On June 29, 2011By aeromatiIn Gadgets, Gaming

Angry birds getting “Angrier”

If your OS can’t run Angry birds by now, you wonder if  it’s worth its salt. The incredibly addictive game has now hit the Windows Phone OS. It has been on the iOS and android platform already, the game can also be played on the Google chrome browser with a downloadable extension. Angry Birds is free for the first few levels (on windows phone) with the option to  pay $2.99 for the full version. The Blackberry OS, however, is yet to receive significant word on the game coming to itsRead More
Is this Google’s answer to Facebook? It is called Google+[pronounced Google Plus] and Google’s aim with this project is to fix online sharing. Apparently online sharing is awkward[say what???] Google has broken this project down into parts: +Circles, +Sparks, +Hangouts, +Mobile, +Location, +Instant upload and +Huddle. This reminds me a lot of Diaspora. They’re trying to make sure you share certain things with only certain people. Sadly, Diaspora hasn’t launched to the public yet. We will take a look at them one after the other in this post. The Google+Read More