Japanese invent self-propelled gut camera

If you have ever had to have your insides checked out by the men in white, you’ll know that it can be somewhat discomforting an experience. The usual is to have a tube inserted through your gut, via the throat or anus, but now there seems to be a less discomforting alternative.

Developed by a team of researchers in Japan(Ryukoku University, Osaka Medical College, and a private-sector firm), this alternative invasive procedure is a capsule that is swallowed and propelled through ones intestines and stomach with the help of a remote control. The fish-shaped capsule known as the ‘Mermaid’,  is 1.7 inches and is electromagnetically powered

Unlike previous capsule-like gut cameras of its kind, (i.e the endoscopy capsule developed by Germans), the Mermaid is maneuverable and remote controlled and can take two images per second following oral or anal  insertion.

According to professor emeritus at Ryukoku University’s Faculty of Science and Technology, the capsule is easily swallowable and should pose no problems of any kind.


Image source:  http://news.cnet.com

Ade Ogunlewe

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